About Us

We specialize in creation of ergonomic and at the same time elegant space, mostly residential. Starting with the outline of the project, and ending with decorating and furnishing the interior, we implement the most daring and creative solutions. Absolutely any wish of the client with respect to the interior becomes a reality, if it does not contradict the laws of physics. Unlike other similar studios, we do not repeat our solutions, and do not undertake banal projects.

How we work

I stage. To start any project you need a reality plan. New plan drawing in a scale of current dimensions. Perimeter of the facility with walls, supporting columns, shafts, bolts etc. If these are available the work on the project can be started, otherwise we make appropriate measurements and compile the project ourselves.

  1. We always have innovative ideas
  2. We have the best price-quality-terms
  3. Inaccuracy in our estimates does not exceed 6%
  4. We guarantee our works
  5. We will contact you after the completion of the work. (Servicing)
  6. individual approach to each customer

  • Design
  • Redesign
  • Interior
  • Exterior
  • Visualization
  • Decor
  • Furniture
  • Estimation
  • All types of construction works
  • Guarantee on the work performed
  • Maintenance of completed projects
  • Engineering
  • Landscape design

Our Products

  • 3D Panels
  • 3D Partition types


Completed Projects

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